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Startup Accelerator : Frequently Asked Questions

Aspirelabs is a sector-agnostic, multi-stage accelerator program that provides high-potential startups with adequate capital and mentorship to take their ventures to the next level.
Our biggest differentiator is that our program is customized for the stage the startup is at and tailored to the specific requirements of the startup, i.e. some startups may need help with their product development; some may need help on refining their concept, while some may need advice on sharpening their go-to-market plans or their business case.
Aspirelabs accelerator program is supported by Polyplex Corporation.
The program offers to fund from Rs.25 Lakhs to Rs.2 Cr depending on the stage and need of the venture, for up to 10 - 20% equity.
We would consider Startups which are Scalable and innovative in their approach. Startups would be evaluated and given feedback while the program, we would consider them for the investment based on their performance and feedback from mentors.
A startup is allowed to raise the investment during the program. But, it’s not recommended as it can be time wasting and can affect the productivity.
You can fill our application form to apply online for the program here.
Please refer to our accelerator page here.
We assure you that idea submitted by you will remain only with Aspire Labs and we will never share the details with any third party company or person.
Yes. These regular updates will help us to keep track of what’s going on and to determine the challenges startups are going on. These updates will help us to guide startups in a better way.
No, you can be based anywhere.
No, we don’t provide any accommodation. However, Aspirelabs may be able to suggest a place or two but will not able to provide a place for you to stay.
All the participants will have an access to our world-class office infrastructure during the program tenure. Other amenities like high-speed Internet, tea, coffee and other basic services are also a part of the infrastructure.
Aspirelabs will bring in several angel investors and venture capitalists after the program tenure where startups would be able to pitch them for funding. We will help you connect with a network of renowned angel investors, but it’s your responsibility to pitch them your business in a way that they agree to invest.
Yes, that happens sometimes. But even if you didn’t get the investment, you will have the knowledge gained from the program that you can use to start gain. Apart from the knowledge, you will have connections to some of the renowned mentors and investors.

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