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3-months on-campus program in NOIDA

We are looking to co-create the next big companies in Environmental Sustainability, Waste Management and Renewables

Aspirelabs Accelerator program for Environment Sustainability, Waste Management and Renewables will be conducted by startup experts, stalwarts from the industry and backed by large, global companies, technical experts, and marquee investors. Aspirelabs has a panel of experienced mentors to guide the companies.

Key features of the program

  • Structured 100-day program
  • Access to our high-quality, state-of-the-art Premium co-working office space and support services
  • All applicants will get detailed feedback on their ventures
  • Shortlisted 250 startups will get one-on-one interaction opportunity with our selection committee
  • Up to 15 startups will be selected for the acceleration program
  • Program participants will be assigned a dedicated mentor and can consult senior professionals from Polyplex Corporation Limited and experts from Shriram Institute.
  • At the end of the program, graduating companies will be showcased to investors and customers.
  • Shortlisted companies stand a chance to get stage-appropriate capital.

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How We Help Startups @ Aspire Labs

High Quality
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About CleanEdge

Clean tech refers to a process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impact through significant energy efficiency improvements, sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities. Clean tech includes a broad range of technology related to recycling, renewable energy, information technology, green transportation, green chemistry and more.

We at Aspirelabs Accelerator are launching our inaugural accelerator program CleanEdge which would focus on Clean tech – Environmental Sustainability, Waste Management & Renewables. We invite young businesses with innovative and scalable solutions to apply and get accelerated on the journey of becoming large enterprises.

We're looking for the best clean technology ideas from all over the country - anything from revolutionary ways to generate clean energy to better water filtration to ideas about how governmental policies around climate change can foster new businesses in one of the competition categories. For entrepreneurs with a great green idea, this is a chance to share it with the world.

Areas of Interest

  • Reimagine Plastic

Recycling Innovations
Recycling and upcycling of industrial as well as post-consumer plastic waste with special focus on Post-consumer Multi-layer plastic packaging (MLP)
Material Innovations
Bio-based and Biodegradable materials
Process Innovations
For reducing and treating industrial as well as post-consumer plastic waste
Design Innovations
Leverage design of Products
Internet & Cloud innovations
Internet & cloud based innovations
Circular Economy
Collection, Segregation, Processing and Marketing

  • Waste Management

  • E-waste (innovations driving financial and environmental sustainability)
  • Municipal waste
  • Solid waste, plastic waste, packaging waste
  • Waste to Energy/Fuel/Compost

  • Smart City Solutions

  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
    • Smart Meters & Management
  • Energy Management
    • Smart City Technologies which are less polluting
    • Smart Infra leading to Less Carbon foot print
    • Less Natural resource usage intensive innovations
    • Leakage Identification & Preventive Maintenance
  • Pollution Control

  • Air, Water, Land Quality Monitoring
  • Air, Water, Land Pollution control Technologies
  • Clean Energy

  • Business models
  • Devices
  • Efficient use of Renewable sources of Energy
  • Energy efficiency & Green Buildings
  • IoT

  • Usage of IoT in Clean Tech
  • Cloud based technologies & services for Environmental Sustainability

What’s covered
in the 100-day program

    • Fundamentals of building a scalable business
    • Understanding different funding options
    • Product-Market fit
    • Estimating market size
    • Revenue streams, pricing and business models
    • Cost structures and business case
    • Operations planning and process design for scale
    • Product and service design
    • Prioritizing markets
    • Positioning and Differentiation
    • Identifying and prioritizing customer segments
    • Customer experience management
    • Sales Planning and sales program design
    • HR – finding, hiring and retaining talent
    • Finalizing on your financial model, pitch deck and business case
    • Producing your video pitch
    • Demo Day – Pitch to investors and customers

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